Hello, my name is Nicole Jacobson.

I’ve been a designer for over 20 years.

My design career started out in product design at a childrens watch company. Initially I assisted the design team with product development coordination including getting approvals and working with the manufacturer on timelines and materials. As a college student in design, after about 6 months working with the company, I had the opportunity to design a few watch concepts and my love for design was solidified.

My next venture was for a small software company. As the sole designer for the company I was asked to complete a wide variety of design tasks from software icons, brochures, training materials, to the website, trade-show displays, and interactive tours.

I took a position at Micron as a web designer, and have been with Micron for over 18 years. For the first 6 years I was one of two designers for the website. My responsibility was to develop easy-to-use web pages that improved convert rates and customer interaction. Because of my experience in graphic design, I also helped out with advertising, tradeshow, packaging, and product design from time to time. I was promoted to manage and art direct the creative team and have spent the last 11 years overseeing Micron's consumer brands, Crucial and Ballistix. I've managed both in-house writers and creatives as well as external agencies ensuring creative is on-brand and on-point.

My passion is collaborating and coming up with creative solutions where I can contribute my work, so I'm open to new opportunities where my skill sets can be utilized.